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COMSOFT Revamps Indonesian ATC/ATM Training Centre with Leading-edge Technology

Indonesian Aviation School enlarges its laboratory by adding COMSOFT's AIM, AMHS and eAIP solution. Existing ATM system PRISMA is upgraded.[mehr]


Austrian Armed Forces Accept COMSOFT's Renowned ADS-B Sensor

Austrian Armed Forces (Österreichisches Bundesheer, ÖBH) select ADS-B Ground Station for preliminary tests in the Austrian territory.[mehr]


Airways New Zealand Contracts COMSOFT for their Market Leading Aeronautical Message Handling Solution

Christchurch is about to join the triangle of communication centres ready for AMHS in Oceania.[mehr]


Malawi's AIM System Achieves Full Factory Acceptance

COMSOFT and Tanzanian IT specialist Techno Brain successfully passed factory acceptance tests for the German ATC supplier's technologically unrivalled AIM system.[mehr]


Inauguration of Major ATM Project FAMUS in the Republic of Serbia and the State of Montenegro

SMATSA's FAMUS project has been concluded and all ATM systems have gone operational.[mehr]


VATM Concludes Final Acceptance of COMSOFT's AIS/AIM Solution

After extensive tests and trials under high load conditions VATM concluded their final acceptance of COMSOFT's fully automated AIS/AIM solution.[mehr]


COMSOFT Participation in Successful Site Acceptance for ATC Equipment in Serbia

COMSOFT ATC expert has significant role in SMATSA's FAMUS project.[mehr]