Aeronautical Information Management Database

Aeronautical Information Management

Addressing the operational and technical changes and challenges of the future our prodigious aeronautical database fully implements the new data model AIXM 5. CADAS-AIMDB forms the centrepiece of our AIM solution and is capable of handling static and dynamic data and is entirely compliant to ADQ regulations. Its integrated conversion module allows import of AIXM 4.5 data while guaranteeing full backwards compatibility.


  • Complete AIXM 5 data model
  • Aeronautical Data and Information Quality (ADQ) compliant
  • EUROCONTROL compliant Static Data Procedures
  • Data fusion of static and dynamic data
  • WFS-T 2.0 Interface
  • AIXM 5 GIS Front End
  • EAD System Interface (ESI) for Data User and Data Provider