COMSOFT Solutions AMHS Test Suite

Aeronautical Messaging Systems

Comsoft Solutions AMHS test suite is a service we provide to verify the conformance of an AMHS system to the applicable standards and recommendations. The basis of CATS is a multi-purpose AMHS test tool focusing on automated conformance testing. Evidence of AMHS conformance is an essential prerequisite for AMHS interoperability and pre-operational testing, and last but not least, the operational usage of AMHS in line with the regional ICAO AMHS manual.


  • Full support of ICAO EUR AMHS Manual, Version 7, and ASIA/PAC Guidance Document for AMHS Conformance Testing (AMHS Manual), Version 3
  • Rich set of automated test cases for testing the conformance of AMHS User Agents with related parts of ICAO Doc 9880-AN/466 Part IIB and ITU-T X.402, X.411, X.420
  • Automated execution of tests and evaluation of the results
  • Detailed logs and test reports
  • Use of standard AFTN/AMHS interfaces and configurations