Information Management & Services

Aeronautical Information Management

CADAS-IMS (Comsoft Solutions Aeronautical Data Access System - Information Management & Services) is a sophisticated service integration platform for modern AIS applications. Plug-in modules like NOTAM and OPMET databases allow to individually tailor each implementation according to the customer's need. Configurable program workflows and filters guarantee the highest possible degree of adaptability.


  • Fully automated NOTAM and OPMET database
  • Local PAMS database and documentation service
  • Fully standard compliant syntactic and semantic message checks
  • Integrated self-briefing/home-briefing functionality
  • ARINC/AIXM import
  • Open system-to-system interfaces

    • EAD System Interface (ESI)
    • SOAP, WMS, WFS

  • Based on a modern, extensible IT architecture

Detailed BrochureCADAS-IMSpdf, 4 pages